Effective and Easy Digital Marketing for Franchises: Simple and Powerful Marketing Ideas

A lot of small businesses and especially franchises struggle with marketing. This is especially true when the time comes to decide where and how to invest a limited budget. With the wide variety of marketing tools and techniques out there, it can be tough to be a marketer. One needs to be adept at choosing effective and easy digital marketing for franchises.

Sure, you can go out and research all the different digital marketing ideas for franchises. You can spend a few years trying to implement all the conflicting advice and eventually get results. Alternatively, you can hire a small business marketing consultant to save you years of trial & error.

Whatever option you choose, you still need to understand the commonalities behind any successful marketing strategy. Getting your basics in order will help you choose effective and easy digital marketing for franchises.

The crucial point in marketing is to take some time to research trends in your industry, and discover your customer needs and behaviors. Based on the information you gather you will be able to make a plan and develop a strategy for effective and easy digital marketing for franchises. This way, you can make the most of any budget you dedicate to promoting your business.

You have the opportunity to use numerous digital marketing campaigns for franchises, for a small amount of money. Word of mouth and referral marketing are practically free, but at the same time they are some of the most powerful marketing strategies.

It’s important to remember that whatever you do to spread the word about your business, it has to touch your customers on an emotional level. It’s the secret of effective and easy digital marketing for franchises. Some of the most successful companies in the world have achieved their best results when they’ve used experiential marketing. It’s because they managed to reach deep into people’s emotions.

Give your customers an outstanding brand experience and you’ll make them your ambassadors.



Regardless of the type of business you run, good online presence is a must. The hectic modern lifestyle leads people to search for products and services online and make their purchasing decisions on the go. Moreover, studies show that more than 70% of internet users do their shopping through mobile devices, so you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Another crucial point that you need to take into consideration is the optimization of your website. SEO is one of the most powerful tools for a successful online marketing strategy. Taking your place on the first search engine results page will wipe out your competition in no time. It will improve your image and bring the customers to you.

Look at your website as a place where customers can find solutions for their needs. Provide as much helpful information as you can, and do it in a language that your customers will understand. Assure them that you are there to help, not sell.


Social media can be your greatest asset if you know how to use it. It gives you the opportunity to show some personality regardless of how serious your products or services are. It enables you to get to know your customers and connect with them on an emotional level. With social media, your brand can easily become your customer’s trusted friend.

Memes, comics, and infographics are some of the most powerful social media tools. They are visually appealing, aren’t time-consuming, and allow for people to get the message at a quick glance. Find a way to incorporate them into your brand tone and entertain your customers. People like and share this type of content, so it will drive up good referral traffic.

Real time marketing is another insanely powerful technique to grab your customers’ attention and go viral on social media. Choose an event that can be somehow related to your business and use it for promotion; it’s great local digital marketing for franchises. Just be careful with this and make sure that you won’t insult anyone with your witty marketing move. Otherwise, you may end up with tons of negative publicity.


If you want to convince people that you are a leader in your industry, you need to demonstrate your expertise. The easiest way to do this is to start a blog and share your blog posts through social media. Use catchy headlines and write on trending topics related to your industry to show that you’re in the know.

You can also use an opportunity to be a guest speaker at an event or a class, or host your own event. This will boost both your personal credibility and your company’s credibility. Just remember to direct your online and offline demonstration of expertise to your key audiences. Address their pain points and offer your expert solutions.


You can’t develop a real connection with your customers with one-way communication. Use every opportunity to listen to what your customers have to say. Encourage reviews on your website and comments on your social media profiles. This will eliminate the anxiety of the unknown for the prospective customers, and show your current customers that you really care.

Develop a strong customer service. It’s one of the best and the most overlooked ways to ensure spreading a good word about your business. Try to provide customer service through every possible channel – live chat, Skype calls, phone calls, and emails. Ensure your customers that you are there at any time.


Start a loyalty program and use it to show your kindness. Treat your loyal customers as if they are your closest friends. Send them handwritten thank-you notes, seasonal greetings, birthday cards, and small surprise gifts. These small and kind gestures will make them your loyal and active ambassadors. You’ll have their families and friends as your customers in no time.

Show kindness to people who are not your customers, too. Give them the opportunity to experience your product or service and the chances are they will want to purchase it. You can also produce creative, branded items and use them as giveaways.

Give something back to society and your company will be associated with these good deeds. You will surely feel good while doing it and people will appreciate it. Donate some of your product or services to a non-profit organization sponsoring a charity live auction. You can also sponsor other charity events such as marathons, or sponsor a little league in your neighborhood.


NASA Robotics – Inspired Program Makes Balanced Nutrition Easy

In my travels this month I have spent time with some of the most influential experts in the world of fitness and health, and in that time there was one clear message that was consistent among all of them. Many of them train in different parts of the country and use completely different methods of exercise, but there is one thing that each of them made a number one priority in their training programs. Nutrition! Nutrition! Nutrition!

For those that know me personally, they hear me say day in and day out that nutrition is the single most important key to success and there is nothing more powerful than the food journal which can literally provide 50% more success. Frankly, if you are not committed to a healthy nutrition program, the chances of you accomplishing your goals are very unlikely. In 13 years of coaching, I have never seen anyone achieve success who was not committed to a nutrition program to help them get there. In addition, those who committed themselves to keeping a food journal to be reviewed by a coach always achieved the best results.

It truly is painful to see so many people around the world work so hard in the gym only to receive nothing in return because they didn’t commit to a complete nutrition program.

It is clear that what most people need to achieve success in nutrition is not a diet but realistic balanced nutrition that they can keep up for the rest of their lives and enjoy doing it. It is also clear that people need easy to use solutions, fast, and convenient tools to support their success. Lastly, it is clear that people need a coach or mentor to hold them accountable. Commitment to these key components will change your life.

In 2003, NASA Ranger Neutral Buoyancy Vehicle (NBV) lead engineer, Joe Graves, founded Vitabot, the technology that now powers a local nutrition program in Dover, Delaware.

The Vitabot technology uses some of the same robotics and computer science concepts that Graves developed for the Ranger NBV-in this case, to offer a product that helps customers determine and maintain their ideal nutrition for long term health and fitness.

Graves says. “It’s the exact same style of algorithms that we developed between the robot and the operator.” The result is an easy-to-use online program that allows users to customize and set health goals, like desired weight, and then plan balanced meals using a food database featuring tens of thousands of choices. This program uses NASA technology, providing personal training to customers with an interactive report card that provides the individuals using it with “instant” feedback as to how they’re doing on a daily basis.

The interactive nutrition program is so smart that if there are any deficiencies in your diet, not only will the program show that deficiency but it will also tell you immediately how to fix it. This technology far exceeds the service an average human nutrition coach could provide, grading not only how food choices measure up to users’ basic nutritional needs, but also providing an in- depth look at electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins.

Users can build complete menus of favorite foods that match their nutritional needs and can then be shared with others. This allows them to make real, individually tailored use of the previously overwhelming quantities of available nutritional data. These menus are safe, accurate, and driven by the Institute Of Medicine Standards.

Graves credits Vitabot’s unusual origins for much of its success; most nutritional planning systems do not come out of a space program.

E-commerce Insight – a Modern Way Of Selling Products Online

One of the major changes that the internet has introduced to the world is the way people conduct business. Gone are the old traditions of selling, buying and marketing products through old fashioned advertisements and business practices. It started in 1994 with the first banner ad being placed on a website, since then E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce have since took off and forever changing the way we do business again.

E-Commerce covers everything from buying, selling, marketing, services of products over the electronic systems like the internet. As internet usage grows and reaches far ending corners of our world, more and more people will rely on looking for and selling stuffs on the internet.

From the simple purchasing of books, making a bid at an online auction site, posting and marketing products online, money transfers online, credits card transactions to buying tickets and making flight and hotel reservations through the internet, e-commerce is making this all a huge reality.

According to a latest report, e-commerce have attracted huge numbers of young people because they find the importance of getting information 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to go along with a very detailed specifications and information of products out there posted on the world wide web.

As a stable economic growth and high internet literacy, more and more people will be attracted to the idea of going the e-commerce route. Not only it is the most convenient way it’s also the hip way of doing business that will reach unmatched potentials and infinite possibilities of reaching out with consumers and companies out in the world.

According to a recent study, the biggest product categories in e-commerce today include:

o Hardware and Software Computer products

o Books

o Music

o Financial Services

o Entertainment

o Home Electronics

o Clothes, Shoes and Body accessories

o Gifts and flowers

o Travel package services

o Toys

o Tickets

o Information

Although e-commerce possibilities are endless, there is one disadvantage that is known to exist among internet users today. E-commerce fraud lingers around the World Wide Web. This is where the chances of having your personal information such as name, bank card number, age, and national insurance number can be taken away from you by simply logging in on a seemingly safe website. These details can be used to steal money from you and make online purchases without your knowledge that is why it is highly advisable to still practice safety measures in dealing with online companies that entails you to write down personal information.

But over-all if done with the proper way and backed up by strong up to date laws that will put more security functions to the e-commerce industry; the good things that come from e-commerce are no doubt weighed much heavier than the disadvantages that it brings.

E-commerce is the wave of the present and surely the future as well, as more internet users do business the modern way. Expect more business to be conducted through the internet and more companies to follow the trend that was started by the e-commerce boom.

E-Commerce trivia:

Biggest Five Online E-Commerce Sites of 2006

o Ebay.com

o Yahoo.com

o Amazon.com

o Google.com

o Buy.com