Art Love Bahama Land

1. Doongalik Art Gallery
Doongalik Studios was founded in the late 1970′s by the late Jackson Burnside and his wife Pam. Jackson was a true artist at heart and a Junkanoo veteran and their mission was to not only introduce the latest creative art work on the scene but “to promote the country’s outstanding artistic talents which they firmly believe can establish the Bahamas as an international center of creativity.” One of their greatest intuitive to date is to raise funds for the country’s first art library which is still an ongoing campaign that will help put the Bahamas on the creative map. Here you can find great traditional as well as contemporary works done by Burnside and other artist. The grounds of the gallery is also open during weekend for a community farmers market where you can find some of the fresh and most unique fruits, vegetables, pastries and jams anywhere in the city of Nassau.2. National Art Gallery of the Bahamas
The National Art Gallery in the Bahamas was indeed a long time coming for the capital. The National Gallery is located in the old Villa Doyle mansion that was carefully renovated and restored to house some of the finest traditional Bahamians works created. It is also used as a hub to introduce new artist on the scene and a new show is featured once a month to show cases these new pieces. This gallery is most known for its traditional works and injection of new creative ideas and expressions. The Gallery can also be rented out for receptions and other events.3. Nassau Glass
The Nassau Glass company is the first Glass fabricating company in the Bahamas back in 1959. Today they continue to produce beautiful pieces of fabricated glass work, lighting (in particular chandeliers) and framing for original art work and prints. I must say that the Nassau Glass Company is really something to see if you love and appreciate beautiful things. Here you can expect to find beautiful 100% pure Bahamian Art at its best.4. Andrew Aitken Photography
Andrew Aitken Photography is another great place for artist and photographers to get their original pieces framed and sold. I love coming here to get some of my pieces printed out or framed and it’s also a great treat to see some of the traditional Bahamian art work and vintage photography on display in there showroom.5. D’Aguilar Art Foundation
The D’Aguilar Art Foundation was founded by the D’Aguilar family in memory of the late Vincent D’Aguilar that features his private collect of some of the best Bahamian art work around. It was launched back in 2008 after Mr. D’Aguilar’s death and his privately held art collection is open to the viewing public daily for those who enjoy Bahamian art and to contribute to art education and literacy in the Bahamas. The foundation also provides “access to artist, scholars, collectors and aficionados aspiring to study and research Bahamian art.”6. Antonius Roberts Studio
Hillside House the studio of Antonius Roberts features the work of one of the Bahamas most acclaimed Bahamian artist Antonius Roberts. Throughout his studio you’ll see most of his paintings and sculptures created by the artist over the years, but you’ll also become introduced to Antonius’ newest passion of wood work, sculptures and cravings. Hillside House is also featured on several art and visitor tours. Its close proximity to Down Town Nassau makes it an ideal hot spot for visitors to come, see and experience local Bahamian art and the artist. Hillside house also offers various art classes throughout the year for the community.7. Popop Studios
Popop Studios was founded by Mr. John Cox another prominent artist in the Bahamas. He opened up Popop Studios as an artist cooperative/residency program for young art interns. Community art programs are also taught here, I did a fine arts class here once and it was phenomenal. Here at Popop Studios you can find the best contemporary art in the Bahamas and at an affordable price.8. Liquid Courage
The Liquid Courage Company Ltd is home to more than 90 different types of beer from all over the world that is sold and housed in this one spot. Here you can learn all about the different types of wine and other alcoholic beverages, so it might seem strange that they would offer an art gallery within their showroom space. However I love this art and wine concept being offered here whenever there is an opening night. “The space is open for art exhibits and shows for artists of all types.” The art here can range anywhere from contemporary to traditional pieces of paintings and sculptures.9. Bahamas Craft Centre
The Bahama Craft Centre is where you’ll find an abundance of straw work featuring: hats, place mats, bags and other souvenirs on sale in the Paradise Island and Cable Beach stalls. The difference between the Craft Centre and the traditional Straw Market is that there is more than one location and it’s usually less congested than the Straw Market on Bay Street. You may even find a wider variety of authentically made Bahamian goods on sale here rather than anywhere else. Especially at the BAIC- Bahama Craft Centre shows held once a year at the (what is now known as the Melia Nassau Beach Hotel).

The Real Secrets About Prison Fitness and Strength

So why is everyone so juiced up about prison fitness? What is prison fitness? And why is it so effective? Prison fitness seems to be a real interest to a lot of men and the reason is the so called level of fitness these prisoners achieve behind bars.Do these prisoners have some type of secret? Do they have some type prison fitness coach? So why do these prisoners get this reputation as being super human?What tricks do they have? To the average man the prisoner level of fitness is legendary, but what makes the prisoner fitness different then other training programs?So what secrets do these criminals have? How many super conditioned prisoners are educated in the book sense? Do you think there are certified strength coaches in prison? Do you think most prisoners were long time fitness trainers who got a bad break?Do you think most prisoners that were murders, drug dealers, sex offenders, drunk drivers, men that are in jail for any violent crime were going to the gym on the outside? It’s a well know fact that men that live life drinking and doing drugs are health conscious, not to mention fit ( a joke ).If these men enter prison having abused their bodies through booze and drugs most of their lives what makes so many think that these men go to prison and become super fit, what gives them the key to the fitness kingdom?Do these men stop being criminals and become super athletes? No, most become and stay violent criminals and most criminals are weak minded cowards that could not live in today’s society without stealing, robbing, running in gangs and trying to hurt weaker victims.The only difference these men have is time; they have nothing else to do. The men that get really physically fit spend more time at it than most other people; you don’t go into prison 130lb weakling and become a 200lb super criminal in a month.If you spend all your days in a small prison cell, what could you do with no job and nothing but time? You may here of a few prisoners that are super strong and super fit but the reality it’s a very small percentage.Super fitness is not for the weak minded it takes time and a lot of sweat to get to a super level of fitness whether you are in prison or on the outside, there is no difference and no secret training program building a super race of super prisoners.So if prisoners are doing the basics of pushups, pull-ups, situps, squats, leg raises, handstand pushups, prisoner squat thrusts what’s the secret to the so called super level of fitness? It’s the time put in, it’s doing the exercises hundreds and thousands of times over many, many years building a hardening of the mind and body.Most prisoners are not in shape, most are still out of shape and will never be in shape because just like in the street they were lazy in prison they are lazy.Over years and hundreds of thousands of reps is what builds an extremely strong body, not the 3 days on one day off type of training or the split training it’s the everyday training that makes the difference in real physical fitness and strength.So, instead of thinking the prisoners have some secret training method and secret training coach just know it’s the time put in on an everyday basis and training for survival that makes the difference.Here’s a workout you can do in small place with no equipment and using only two exercises.Do 25 Prisoner Squat Thrusts – 25 4- Point Jump Squats ( legs a little wider, squat down touch the ground with your finger tips and jump 2 to 3 inches off the ground)Switch back and forth as long as you can, do as fast as possible try and keep the time for each round under 1 minute and 15 seconds meaning 25 Prisoner Squat Thrusts and 25 4- Point Jump Squats should take no longer than 1 minute and 15 seconds to complete and go as long as you can, if you can go for 5 minutes with no rest that’s great.This will be to brutal for most people but see where you are and how long you will go most will have trouble with 2 minutes.Toughness Builds Winners.

Affordable Bedroom Furniture

It is undeniably important that you buy good quality furniture fir your home so that they last for decades. As buying furniture is usually once in a lifetime thing, people usually go for the expensive variety as they are more likely to last longer. Good quality furniture is necessary as because even if your furniture looks good, it may not last long and would get shabby within no time.There’s really no logic behind saying that cheap wooden furniture won’t last long. If the quality of the furniture is good then it can last even longer expensive furniture. In fact, people mostly look for cheap wooden furniture to furnish their bedrooms as the same is not a prominent area of the home. However, one must never forget that though a visitor won’t notice the bedroom, it would nevertheless be your haven and the place to rest yourself after a hard day’s work. Again, if you’re talking about master bedrooms, then you’re talking about intimacy, besides the good times spent along with your partner.Hence, it’s always worth to consider bedroom furniture that’s comfortable, good-looking and most importantly durable. Shabby bedroom furniture would not only spoil your mood, it would also make the time spent in the bedroom as a waste. Despite such facts, people with budget constraints always look for ways to buy cheap bedroom furniture and get the look that they desire.While the key is to have bedroom furniture that’s comfortable and lasts longer, it’s possible to have all the above qualities comprised in your bedroom furnishings only when you know where to buy them and the various options available.To buy cheap bedroom furniture that has good quality and also looks good at the same time, you must consider the other options besides the classic oak or rustic furniture. Although you won’t get the same kind of look and feel that oak or other high quality wood has, it would still be good enough for you. Pinewood can be a good option because it’s durable and also emits a fine woody smell.With laws prohibiting the felling of woods becoming more stringent, most types of wood have become very expensive. A good alternative to wood for your bedroom could be wrought iron furniture. This has become very popular among those who don’t have that budget to spend on wooden furniture but still want an element of elegance in their bedroom. Wrought iron furniture has almost arrived as a boon for them. Wrought iron bedroom furniture comprises curls which could be made simple-looking or to depict a style or image. With an aesthetic decoration and good interior designing, you can sport an amazing look for the most private room of your house with wrought iron bedroom furniture.All said and done, it ultimately depends upon the uniqueness of your ideas and a good design sense to make your bedroom look pleasing. You don’t need to spend an earth on expensive upholstery and go for cheap bedroom furniture instead.